Memories of Southern

Southern is celebrating 125 years of academic excellence and community partnership, and we want your voice to be a part of the celebration! Send us your favorite memory from your time at Southern.

SCSU Bonfire

So many great memories it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.  However, the bonfires on the Neff Hall field (Now West Campus garage) tops them all.  It was the official start to homecoming, a large truck would deliver hundreds of pallets and staff and student leaders would unload the pallets and stack them as high as possible for the most epic bonfires.  I miss those days.

Marvin Wilson, Class of 2000

My favorite memory at Southern is becoming a Resident Advisor and being a part of the SCSU Cheerleading Team during my undergraduate career. Southern has helped me grow into the professional I am now and will forever have a place in my heart.

Jazmynn Jakubczyk, Class of 2016, Staff, MPH Student (Class of 2019)

My favorite memory is back in January 2006. We had just completed construction of the Adanti Student Center. It was the first week of opening and the look on the students faces will forever be etched in my mind. It was a look of pride and surprise. All the students kept saying was “I can’t believe this was built for us to enjoy.” Never before had i ever seen excitement like that by the students about any event or program. This was their building and they finally had a modern place on campus to call their home.

Brad Crerar, Staff

Hanging with the West Indian Society now known as CSA. Being apart of WIS really gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people that I now love dearly and care for as if they’re apart of my family.

Rashawna Butler, Class of 2015

My favorite memories are from my first-year at Southern in 2011. The community we built living in Chase Hall helped me to find my best friend and create friendships that turned into family.

Anay Cruz, Class of 2016, Hall Director of Schwartz Hall

My favorite Southern memory is a recent one: meeting former Vice President Joe Biden earlier this year. He was everything I thought he would be: brilliant, gracious, humble, funny, and warm. He made it a point to know your name, shake your hand, and look you in the eye.

Barbara Kagan, Staff

Amanda Meador, Class of 2013

Bernadette White, Class of 1993

Rich Arthur, Class of 1973

Graduation Day was the best memory.

Beth Barci-Donlon, Class of 1987

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