Memories of Southern

Southern is celebrating 125 years of academic excellence and community partnership, and we want your voice to be a part of the celebration! Send us your favorite memory from your time at Southern.

Huge snow storm 1978!

Maureen Driscoll, Class of 1983

During my undergraduate education, I was fortunate to have Professor David Levine (Art) as my thesis advisor and mentor. Years later, I was honored to join the department as an adjunct faculty member, teaching alongside the same faculty who had taught me. As I taught, I tried to emulate those professors as I worked to share my love of art history with my students.

Mark Dobbins, Class of 2000, BA Art History (Honors College)

All the community service I did! It taught me about the love I have to help.

Megan Rosalie, Class of 2017

2 memories March 2014. SCSU men’s basketball NCAA tourney run. November 2017 SCSU volleyball NCAA tourney run.

Jason Rizk, Class of 2012

M.S. in Counseling 1985 and having Dr. Bruce Wood as a Professor for more than several courses during that two year span including the summers.

Mark Ceneviva, Class of 1985

Students at commencement

Cheering my first class of advisees off the stage right after they received their diploma jackets at commencement this year!

Angela Ruggiero, Class of 2007 BS, 2015 MS, Staff

Jahana Hayes with SCSU staff

Jahana Hayes ’05 had an incredibly powerful story to tell when she came to Southern shortly after being named Teacher of the Year. Now, she is on the ballot in November for a seat in Congress. There is nothing better than smart, determined women leading the way for the girls and young women following in their footsteps!

Caitlin Pereira, Staff

Dancing with students, faculty and staff in a flash mob!

Emily Rosenthal, Staff

I remember the long walk from Lot 9 to Morrill Hall as an undergraduate commuter student especially towards the end of the fall semester. While winter wind would whip relentlessly through the Res Life quad to the point that my ears would sting and burn, the welcome feeling of numbness never came fast enough. Knowing the lifelong benefits that my Computer Science degree would and is currently bringing me, I happily made that long walk to and from class every time.

Jonathan Garbutt, Alumnus, Administrative Faculty

Frank and Daniela LaDore wedding

I was a summer student worker at SCSU (1992) and we were furnishing the new Pine Rock Apartments. Me and this girl put all the lamps together for Pine Rock. I ended up marrying her. (Daniela Porto LaDore)

Frank LaDore, Director

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