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High SchoolStateCityCountyCounselor
A. I. Prince Technical High SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Academy of Information Technology & EngineeringCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy-Lauralton HallCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Achievement First Amistad High SchoolCTCTNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Achievement First Hartford High SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Alabama High School DistrictAL Gloria Lee
Alaska High School DistrictAKNicholas Gleifert
Amity Regional High SchoolCTWoodbridgeNew HavenGloria Lee
Ansonia High SchoolCTAnsoniaNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
Arizona High School DistrictAZNicholas Gleifert
Arkansas High School DistrictARScott Ouellette
Avon High SchoolCTAvonHartfordScott Ouellette
Bacon AcademyCTColchesterNew LondonNicholas Gleifert
Bassick High SchoolCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Berlin High SchoolCTBerlinHartfordScott Ouellette
Bethel High SchoolCTBethelFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Bloomfield High SchoolCTBloomfieldHartfordScott Ouellette
Bolton High SchoolCTBoltonTollandNicholas Gleifert
Branford High SchoolCTBranfordNew HavenTim Belcher
Bridge AcademyCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Bridgeport International AcademyCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Bridgeport Military AcademyCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture High School CTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Brien McMahon High SchoolCTNorwalkFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Bristol Central High SchoolCTBristolHartfordScott Ouellette
Bristol Eastern High SchoolCTBristolHartfordScott Ouellette
Brookfield High SchoolCTBrookfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Bulkeley High School Upper SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Bullard-Havens Technical High SchoolCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Bunnell High SchoolCTStratfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
California High School DistrictCAElisabeth Cerino
Canton High SchoolCTCantonHartfordScott Ouellette
Capital CC Magnet AcademyCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Capital Preparatory Harbor SchoolCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Capital Preparatory Magnet SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Central Magnet High SchoolCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Cheshire AcademyCTCheshireNew HavenGloria Lee
Cheshire High SchoolCTCheshireNew HavenGloria Lee
Christian Heritage SchoolCTTrumbullFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Classical Magnet SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Coginchaug Regional High SchoolCTDurhamMiddlesexGloria Lee
Colorado High School DistrictCONicholas Gleifert
Common Ground High SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Conard High SchoolCTWest HartfordHartfordScott Ouellette
Connecticut IB AcademyCTEast HartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin CollegeCTEast HartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Cooperative Arts & Humanities High SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Coventry High SchoolCTCoventryTollandNicholas Gleifert
CREC Academy of Aerospace & EngineeringCTWindsorHartfordNicholas Gleifert
CREC Public SafetyCTEnfieldHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Creed Health & Sports Sciences High SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Cromwell High SchoolCTCromwellMiddlesexGloria Lee
Crosby High SchoolCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Danbury High SchoolCTDanburyFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Daniel Hand High SchoolCTMadisonNew HavenTim Belcher
Darien High SchoolCTDarienFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Delaware High School DistrictDEGloria Lee
Derby High SchoolCTDerbyNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
District of Columbia High School DistrictDCNicholas Gleifert
E. C. Goodwin Technical High SchoolCTNew BritainHartfordNicholas Gleifert
E. O. Smith High SchoolCTStorrsTollandNicholas Gleifert
East Catholic High SchoolCTManchesterHartfordNicholas Gleifert
East Granby High SchoolCTEast GranbyHartfordNicholas Gleifert
East Hampton High SchoolCTEast HamptonMiddlesexGloria Lee
East Hartford High SchoolCTEast HartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
East Haven High SchoolCTEast HavenNew HavenTim Belcher
East Lyme High SchoolCTEast LymeNew LondonTim Belcher
East Windsor High SchoolCTEast WindsorHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Easton Country Day SchoolCTEastonFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Eli Whitney Technical High SchoolCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
Ella T. Grasso Southeastern Technical High SchoolCTGrotonNew LondonTim Belcher
Ellington High SchoolCTEllingtonTollandNicholas Gleifert
Emmett O'Brien Technical High SchoolCTAnsoniaNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
Enfield High SchoolCTEnfieldHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Engineering & Science University Magnet SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Fairchild Wheeler ALLCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Fairfield College PreparatoryCTFairfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Fairfield Ludlowe High SchoolCTFairfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Fairfield Warde High SchoolCTFairfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Farmington High SchoolCTFarmingtonHartfordScott Ouellette
Fitch Senior High SchoolCTGrotonNew LondonTim Belcher
Florida High School DistrictFLGloria Lee
Forman SchoolCTLitchfieldLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Francis T. Maloney High SchoolCTMeridenNew HavenGloria Lee
Georgia High School DistrictGANicholas Gleifert
Glastonbury High SchoolCTGlastonburyHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Global Communications AcademyCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Global Experience Magnet SchoolCTBloomfieldHartfordScott Ouellette
Granby Memorial High SchoolCTGranbyHartfordScott Ouellette
Great Path Academy at MCCCTManchesterHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Greater Hartford Academy of the ArtsCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Greater Oaks Charter BridgeportCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Greenwich High SchoolCTGreenwichFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Griswold High SchoolCTGriswoldNew LondonTim Belcher
Grove SchoolCTMadisonNew HavenGloria Lee
Guilford High SchoolCTGuilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
H. C. Wilcox Technical High SchoolCTMeridenNew HavenGloria Lee
H. H. Ellis Technical High SchoolCTKillinglyWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Haddam-Killingworth High SchoolCTHigganumMiddlesexGloria Lee
Hall High SchoolCTWest HartfordHartfordScott Ouellette
Hamden Hall Country Day SchoolCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
Hamden High SchoolCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
Harding High SchoolCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Hartford Culinary Arts AcademyCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Hartford Magnet Trinity CollegeCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Hawaii High School DistrictHIGloria Lee
Henry Abbott Technical High SchoolCTDanburyFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
High School in the CommunityCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Highville Change AcademyCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Hill Regional Career High SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Holy Cross High SchoolCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Home SchoolCTn/an/aNilvio Perez
Hopkins SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Housatonic Valley Regional High SchoolCTNew CanaanLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Howell Cheney Technical High SchoolCTManchesterHartfordNicholas Gleifert
HPHS Academy of Engineering & Green TechnologyCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
HPHS Academy of Nursing & Health SciencesCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
HPHSl Law & Government AcademyCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
HS INC Insurance Finance AcadCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Idaho High School DistrictIDElisabeth Cerino
Illinois High School DistrictILDr. Sir Snowden
Immaculate High SchoolCTDanburyFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Indiana High School DistrictINTim Belcher
International High SchoolINTLInternationalInternationalNilvio Perez
Iowa High School DistrictIAScott Ouellette
James Hillhouse High SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
JM Wright Technical High SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Joel Barlow High SchoolCTReddingFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
John F. Kennedy High SchoolCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Jonathan Law High SchoolCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Joseph A. Foran High SchoolCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Journalism & Media Academy Magnet SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Kansas High School DistrictKSDr. Sir Snowden
Kentucky High School DistrictKYTim Belcher
Killingly High SchoolCTKillinglyWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Kinsella School of Performing ArtsCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Kolbe Cathedral High SchoolCTBridgeportFairfieldDr. Sir Snowden
Ledyard High SchoolCTLedyardNew LondonTim Belcher
Lewis S. Mills High SchoolCTBurlingtonHartfordScott Ouellette
Litchfield High SchoolCTLitchfieldLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Louisiana High School DistrictLAGloria Lee
Lyman Hall High SchoolCTWallingfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Lyman Memorial High SchoolCTLebanonNew LondonTim Belcher
Lyme-Old Lyme High SchoolCTLymeNew LondonTim Belcher
Maine High School DistrictMEScott Ouellette
Manchester High SchoolCTManchesterHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Marine Science Magnet High School of SoutheasternCTGrotonNew LondonTim Belcher
Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolCTWallingfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Maryland High School DistrictMDDr. Sir Snowden
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA WorcesterNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA MiddlesexNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA BristolNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA EssexNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA SuffolkNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA NorfolkNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA PlymouthNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA BarnstableNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA NantucketNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA DukesNicholas Gleifert
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA BerkshireScott Ouellette
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA FranklinScott Ouellette
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA HampshireScott Ouellette
Massachusetts High School DistrictMA HampdenScott Ouellette
Masters SchoolCTWest SimsburyLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Masuk High SchoolCTMonroeFairfieldScott Ouellette
Mercy High SchoolCTMiddletownMiddlesexGloria Lee
Metropolitan Business AcademyCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Metropolitan Learning CenterCTBloomfieldHartfordScott Ouellette
Michigan High School DistrictMIScott Ouellette
Middletown High SchoolCTMiddletownMiddlesexGloria Lee
Minnesota High School DistrictMNScott Ouellette
Mississippi High School DistrictMSTim Belcher
Missouri High School DistrictMO Scott Ouellette
Montana High School DistrictMTElisabeth Cerino
Montville High SchoolCTMontvilleNew LondonTim Belcher
Nathan Hale-Ray High SchoolCTMoodusMiddlesexGloria Lee
Naugatuck High SchoolCTNaugatuckNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
Nebraska High School DistrictNEDr. Sir Snowden
Nevada High School DistrictNVElisabeth Cerino
New Britain High SchoolCTNew BritainHartfordNicholas Gleifert
New Canaan High SchoolCTNew CanaanFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
New Fairfield High SchoolCTNew FairfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
New Hampshire High School DistrictNHElisabeth Cerino
New Haven AcademyCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
New Jersey High School DistrictNJDr. Sir Snowden
New London High SchoolCTNew LondonNew LondonTim Belcher
New London Science Tech MagnetCTNew LondonNew LondonTim Belcher
New Mexico High School DistrictNMNicholas Gleifert
New Milford High SchoolCTNew MilfordLitchfieldScott Ouellette
New York High School DistrictNYOrangeGloria Lee
New York High School DistrictNYRocklandGloria Lee
New York High School DistrictNYWestchesterGloria Lee
New York High School DistrictNYCapital Region Nilvio Perez
New York High School DistrictNYEastern RegionNilvio Perez
New York High School DistrictNYNorth Country RegionNilvio Perez
New York High School DistrictNYWestern RegionNilvio Perez
New York High School DistrictNYBronxDr. Sir Snowden
New York High School DistrictNYBrooklynDr. Sir Snowden
New York High School DistrictNYManhattanDr. Sir Snowden
New York High School DistrictNYQueensDr. Sir Snowden
New York High School DistrictNYStaten IslandDr. Sir Snowden
New York High School DistrictNYLong IslandTim Belcher
Newington High SchoolCTNewingtonHartfordScott Ouellette
Newtown High SchoolCTNewtownFairfieldScott Ouellette
Nonnewaug High SchoolCTWoodburyLitchfieldScott Ouellette
North Branford High SchoolCTNorth BranfordNew HavenTim Belcher
North Carolina High School DistrictNCScott Ouellette
North Dakota High School DistrictNDDr. Sir Snowden
North Haven High SchoolCTNorth HavenNew HavenTim Belcher
Northwest Catholic High SchoolCTWest HartfordHartfordScott Ouellette
Northwestern Regional High SchoolCTWinstedLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Norwalk High SchoolCTNorwalkFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Norwich Free AcademyCTNorwichNew LondonTim Belcher
Norwich Technical High SchoolCTNorwichNew LondonTim Belcher
Notre Dame - FairfieldCTFairfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Notre Dame - West HavenCTWest HavenNew HavenTim Belcher
Ohio High School DistrictOHGloria Lee
Oklahoma High School DistrictOKDr. Sir Snowden
Old Saybrook Senior High SchoolCTOld SaybrookMiddlesexTim Belcher
Oliver Wolcott Technical High SchoolCTTorringtonLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Oregon High School DistrictORElisabeth Cerino
Orville H. Platt High SchoolCTMeridenNew HavenGloria Lee
Oxford High SchoolCTOxfordNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
Pathways Academy of Technology & DesignCTEast HartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Pennsylvania High School DistrictPATim Belcher
Plainfield High SchoolCTPlainfieldWindhamTim Belcher
Plainville High SchoolCTPlainvilleHartfordScott Ouellette
Platt Technical High SchoolCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Pomperaug Regional High SchoolCTSouthburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Portland High SchoolCTPortlandMiddlesexGloria Lee
Puerto Rico High School DistrictPRGloria Lee
Putnam High SchoolCTPutnamWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Rham High SchoolCTHebronTollandNicholas Gleifert
Rhode Island High School DistrictRIElisabeth Cerino
Ridgefield High SchoolCTRidgefieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
RiversideCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Rockville High SchoolCTVernonTollandNicholas Gleifert
Rocky Hill High SchoolCTRocky HillHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Sacred Heart AcademyCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
Saint Bernard SchoolCTUncasvilleNew LondonTim Belcher
Seymour High SchoolCTSeymourNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
Shelton High SchoolCTSheltonFairfieldTim Belcher
Shepaug Valley High SchoolCTWashingtonLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Simsbury High SchoolCTSimsburyLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Somers High SchoolCTSomersTollandNicholas Gleifert
Sound SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
South Carolina High School DistrictSCScott Ouellette
South Dakota High School DistrictSDDr. Sir Snowden
South Windsor High SchoolCTSouth WindsorHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Southington High SchoolCTSouthingtonHartfordScott Ouellette
Sports and Medical Sciences AcademyCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
St. Joseph High SchoolCTTrumbullFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
St. Paul Catholic High SchoolCTBristolHartfordScott Ouellette
Stafford High SchoolCTStaffordTollandNicholas Gleifert
Stamford High SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Staples High SchoolCTWestportFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Stonington High SchoolCTStoningtonNew LondonTim Belcher
Stratford High SchoolCTStratfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Suffield AcademyCTSuffieldHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Suffield High SchoolCTSuffieldHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Tennessee High School DistrictTNTim Belcher
Terryville High SchoolCTPlymouthLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Texas High School DistrictTXDr. Sir Snowden
The Gilbert SchoolCTWinstedLitchfieldScott Ouellette
The Morgan SchoolCTClintonMiddlesexTim Belcher
The Williams SchoolCTNew LondonNew LondonTim Belcher
Thomaston High SchoolCTThomastonLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Three Rivers Middle Coll HSCTNorwichNew LondonTim Belcher
Tolland High SchoolCTTollandTollandNicholas Gleifert
Torrington High SchoolCTTorringtonLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Tourtellotte Memorial High SchoolCTThompsonWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Trinity Catholic High SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Trumbull High SchoolCTTrumbullFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Two Rivers Magnet High SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
University High School of Science and EngineeringCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Utah High School DistrictUTNicholas Gleifert
Valley Regional High SchoolCTDeep RiverMiddlesexGloria Lee
Vermont High School DistrictVTDr. Sir Snowden
Vinal Technical High SchoolCTMiddletownMiddlesexGloria Lee
Virginia High School DistrictVANicholas Gleifert
W. F. Kaynor Technical High SchoolCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Wamogo Regional High SchoolCTLitchfieldLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Washington High School DistrictWA Elisabeth Cerino
Waterbury Arts Magnet SchoolCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Waterbury Career AcademyCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Waterford High SchoolCTWaterfordNew LondonTim Belcher
Watertown High SchoolCTWatertownLitchfieldScott Ouellette
Watkinson SchoolCTHartfordHartfordNicholas Gleifert
West Haven High SchoolCTWest HavenNew HavenTim Belcher
West Virginia High School DistrictWVGloria Lee
Westbrook High SchoolCTWestbrookMiddlesexTim Belcher
Westhill High SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Weston High SchoolCTWestonFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Wethersfield High SchoolCTWethersfieldHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Wheeler High SchoolCTNorth StoningtonNew LondonTim Belcher
Wilbur Cross High SchoolCTNew HavenNew HavenDr. Sir Snowden
Wilby High SchoolCTWaterburyNew HavenScott Ouellette
Wilton High SchoolCTWiltonFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Windham High SchoolCTWindhamWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Windham Technical High SchoolCTWindhamWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Windsor High SchoolCTWindsorHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Windsor Locks High SchoolCTWindsor LocksHartfordNicholas Gleifert
Wisconsin High School DistrictWIScott Ouellette
Wolcott High SchoolCTWolcottNew HavenScott Ouellette
Woodland Regional High SchoolCTBeacon FallsNew HavenElisabeth Cerino
Woodstock AcademyCTWoodstockWindhamNicholas Gleifert
Wyoming High School DistrictWYNicholas Gleifert
Xavier High SchoolCTMiddletownMiddlesexGloria Lee
Alternative Center for ExcellenceCTDanburyFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Western Connecticut Regional Adult Education Diploma Program - DanburyCTDanburyFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Wooster SchoolCTDanburyFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Fusion Academy - FairfieldCTFairfieldFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Brunswick SchoolCTGreenwichFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Convent Of The Sacred HeartCTGreenwichFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Greenwich AcademyCTGreenwichFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Greenwich Country Day SchoolCTGreenwichFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Winston Preparatory SchoolCTNorwalkFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of ConnecticutCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
SPS AnchorCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Step ProgramCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
King SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Links AcademyCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
The Spire SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Pinnacle SchoolCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Fusion Academy GreenwichCTStamfordFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Andover College PreparatoryCTWestportFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Pierrepont SchoolCTWestportFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Westport Day SchoolCTWiltonFairfieldElisabeth Cerino
Midstate Christian AcademyCTMeridenNew HavenGloria Lee
College and Career ReadinessCTMeridenNew HavenGloria Lee
Middletown Adult EducationCTMiddletownMiddlesexGloria Lee
The Academy of MilfordCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Milford Christian AcademyCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Foundation High SchoolCTMilfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Choate Rosemary HallCTWallingfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Wallingford High SchoolCTWallingfordNew HavenGloria Lee
Heritage Baptist AcademyCTWallingfordNew HavenGloria Lee
High Road AcademyCTWallingfordNew HavenGloria Lee
CT Coastal AcademyCTEssexMiddlesexGloria Lee
Whitney Hall SchoolCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
West Woods Christian SchoolCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
Area Cooperative Education ServiceCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee
Lorraine D Foster Day SchoolCTHamdenNew HavenGloria Lee