SouthernStrong Awards

Southern Strong Awards

To recognize and celebrate members of the Southern community who are stepping up during the pandemic crisis, the SCSU President's Commission on Social Justice Recognition Committee introduces the SouthernStrong Awards.

These awards shine a light on faculty, staff, and students who are lending a helping hand, with acts of kindness large and small, not only for their fellow Owls, but also for friends, neighbors, and strangers.


July 30, 2020

John Bergevin - Technical Support Engineer
Nicholas Brenckle - Director, Edge Computing
Charles (Trever) Brolliar - Director, Academic Technologies
Phil Bryant - Coordinator, High-Tech Classrooms
Ralph Buonocore - Telecom Manager
Robert Carpentier - Technical Support Engineer
Steve Collison - Enterprise Infrastructure Specialist
Kenneth Cook - Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Manager
Robert (Bob) Cuddihee - Media Instructional Services Specialist
Jon Garbutt - Enterprise Infrastructure Manager Network
Adam Gerstein - Technical Support Engineer
Ciara Houghton - ERP/Academic Applications Manager
Kurt Jagielow - Voice and Video Network Manager
John Jaser - Director, Systems and Applications
Raymond Kellogg - Director, Computing Infrastructure
John (Ivan) Kozin - Technical Support Engineer
Jisong Li - Programmer Specialist
Edward (Rusty) May, Jr. - Director, Technology Administration
Ali Mohseni - Programmer Specialist
Amanda Mojica - Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects
William Moroz - Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Manager
Andrew Mortensen - Programmer Specialist
Karen Musmanno - System Manager
Jeffrey Otis - Director - Cloud Computing
Jill Pelletier - Secretary 2
Chris Perugini - Web Application Development Specialist
Dennis Reiman - VP, Technology and CIO
Chamis Reinhart - Instructional Support Specialist
Mary Robinson - Lead Telephone Operator
Charlene Rocanelli Leichter - Data Base Manager
Vinnie Rubano - Network Administrator
Chester Sample - Customer Support Center Manager
Marvin Thomas - Director, Systems Integration
Vu Trieu - Director - User Services
Lindsay Wargo - Customer Support Center Lead

The IT Staff is SouthernStrong

July 28, 2020

Melisa Beecher
Mikayla Bruton
Phil Bryant
Dee Dee Dahlman
Shermaine Edmonds
Adam Gerstein
Erin Heidkamp
Lisa Kortfelt
Cassi Meyerhoffer
Chelsea Ortiz
Barbara Paris
Robin Peters
Angela Ruggiero
Stanley Seligas
Cynthia Shea-Luzik
Cindy Simoneau
Alisa St.Georges
Jacqueline Toce
Vu Trieu

SouthernStrong Awardees "Work Tirelessly" to Help Others

July 20, 2020

Shawneen Buckley
Resha Cardone
Katie DeOliveira
Afia Opoku
Jose Zapata Cabrera

SouthernStrong Awardees Give of Themselves

July 13, 2020

Linda Friess-Mordente, Assistant Registrar
Kelly Weiler, Office Assistant
Ebonee Brown, Assistant Registrar
Jen Ruggiero, Assistant Registrar
Evalisa Alvarez, Secretary
Kaitlin Kiely, Graduate Assistant
Bob Drobish, Associate Registrar
Rondell Butler, Office Assistant
Cynthia Patterson, Office Assistant
Jaime Alexander, Assistant Registrar
Alicia Carroll, Registrar
Monica Raffone, Associate Registrar
Nuncia Moniello, Assistant Registrar
Andre Scott, Assistant Registrar
Elizabeth Lopez, Office Assistant
Kathie Cervone, Office Assistant
Cynthia Hicks, Office Assistant

Registrar's Office Staff is SouthernStrong

July 6, 2020

Evalisa Alvarez
Taylor Bird
Oscar Clark
Ludmyr Merlain
Karen Musmanno

SouthernStrong Awardees Provide Support and Inspire Change

June 29, 2020

Ashley Burkell
Alyssa Maddern
Jay Moran
Sal Rizza
Meredith Sinclair

SouthernStrong Awardees Always Thinking of Others

June 15, 2020

Rondell Butler
Adam Cohen
Chelsea Harry
Debra Risisky
Barbara Tinney

SouthernStrong Awardees are Service-Oriented

June 8, 2020

Jennifer Botwick
Alexander Grant
Rebecca Hedreen
Jamie Malaterra
Deborah Weiss

SouthernStrong Awardees Put Others’ Needs First

June 1, 2020

Alan Bensen
Haroon Chaudhry
Diane Morgenthaler
Roland Regos
Sue Zarnowski

Generosity and Kindness Characterize SouthernStrong Awardees

May 26, 2020

Parker Fruehan
Shuei Kozu
Loida Reyes
Cara Richardson
Andrew Smyth

SouthernStrong Awardees Model Empathy and Leadership

May 18, 2020

Noelle Brideau
Trever (Charles) Brolliar
Derek Faulkner
Lisa Kortfelt
Jackie Scott

SouthernStrong Awardees Reach Out to Help Others

May 11, 2020

Angelica Castro
Amanda Cavoto
Meghan Gula
Michael Keating
Alyssa Laydon

SouthernStrong Awardees Step Up When Needed

May 4, 2020

Siobhan Carter-David
Zara DeLuca
Tess Marchant-Shapiro
Lisa Siedlarz
Sabrina St. Juste

SouthernStrong Awardees Go Above and Beyond

Apr 27, 2020

Maria Diamantis
David Martin
Laura McKay
Nicole Van Etten
Bogdan Zamfir

SouthernStrong Awardees Honored

Apr 20, 2020

Suzie Huminski
Michelle Johnston
Joan Kreiger
Renee Villarreal
Bogdan Zamfir

SouthernStrong Awardees Making a Positive Impact