Project Overview

Fostering the Next Generation of Connecticut’s Scientists

At Southern, we believe that STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – education plays a key role in sustaining our country’s leadership among nations and in solving the immense challenges confronting us in areas such as energy, health, environmental protection, and national security.

The new Academic Science and Laboratory building supports our commitment to the ongoing expansion of Southern’s science programs and the university’s capacity to be a teaching and research leader in the STEM disciplines.


  • Produce a capable and flexible workforce for today’s global marketplace
  • Advance understanding of ourselves, our planet, and the universe
  • Create new ideas, products, and industries for the 21st century
  • Teach students to analyze critical numerical information that supports personal, financial, and civic-minded decision-making
  • Prepare citizens for technology’s expanding role in making informed choices
Chemistry Student
Chemistry Student


Based in Centerbrook, Connecticut, Centerbrook Architect and Planners, LLC, has an extensive portfolio of design projects including the College of Arts and Sciences, Carl Hansen Student Center, and TD Bank Sports Center at Quinnipiac University; Peabody Museum, Kroon Hall, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and Prospect Place Modular Building at Yale University; and the Chemistry Building and School of Business at the University of Connecticut. The company has received more than 300 national and regional awards since its founding in 1975.

Construction Cost

$49 million


Spring 2013 – Fall 2015


103,608 square feet


Colors: Shared Physics Environmental Studies Earth Science Biology Chemistry

Third Floor

Third floor of the Academic Science and Laboratory Building

Second Floor

Second floor of the Academic Science and Laboratory Building

First Floor

First floor of the Academic Science and Laboratory Building

Lower Level

Lower level of the Academic Science and Laboratory Building

“The fact that this equipment is available to undergraduates is phenomenal,” said Alexis Ernst, a program assistant and physics major who is now pursuing graduate-level materials science and engineering. “This program goes above and beyond what is typically offered to undergraduates.”