Alexander Fritz

Communications - Advertising and Promotions
Cum Laude

I loved every second of working with you all, even when we didn't see eye-to-eye. I hope that all of your futures are as bold and bright as you are, and you all achieve your own definitions of greatness.

Favorite Time at SCSU

Working in the Digital Production Facility under Professor Rich Glinka! My time there gave me some of my biggest laughs and learning experiences, and most importantly, my greatest friends.

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

My roommates at North Campus! I'll always cherish the late-night card games, or just standing in the kitchen eating single pieces of American cheese. I look forward to the opportunities my degree will bring me, and future visits to the campus!

Advice to Incoming Students

Make sure you get some gym time in every week! Stress wreaks havoc on the body and mind, so keeping the body healthy will keep the mind the same.