Muna Mah

Public Health
Cum Laude, Dean List, Departmental Award: Public Health Award for Excellence, Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Eta Sigma Gamma,& Golden Key International Honor Society

Despite the odds that were against us we still were able to prevail in such unprecedented times. If we can graduate in a global pandemic we own it to ourselves to accomplish our wildest dreams!!!

Favorite Time at SCSU

Sitting outside Buley Library on a sunny day and running into friends and Professors outside of class. My time being a member of the Public Health Society as well as Treasurer of the Muslim Student Association.

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

Studying in Buley Library with my friends, Praying in the prayer room in between classes, Mr. James( The best shuttle bus driver :) I looking forward to starting my MPH program at Columbia University this Fall!

Advice to Incoming Students

Create your own balance between work and school. Find out what works for you personally and stick with it! There is always so much to remember so invest in a planner now and actually use it. If you have extra time maybe join a club or two that fits your interests and if your going to study don't actually tell your friends where you are cause they will come and find you (Trust me haha)