We’ve all heard both sides of the argument, and have likely felt the humanity in pro-life and pro-choice perspectives. But this week we talk about what’s often left out of the conversation, and why it’s more complicated than any of us actually thought…

Dr. Abigail Adams received her PhD from the University of New Mexico and is a medical anthropologist who focuses on human rights, global health, the LGBTQAI community, indigenous epistemologies, borderlands, food justice, and feminist ethnography. Her geographical specializations are Latin America, the U.S. Southwest, and Appalachia. She is an associate professor of anthropology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she is also the director of the Global Health Program, the LGBTQ Program, and the Chair of the Native American Awareness Council.

In this episode, Abbie refers us to:  

Kaiser Family Foundation  

Guttmacher Institute 

Planned Parenthood 

Lilith Fund