Why We’re Here

Historically, public colleges and universities have played an important role as agents for grassroots activism and social change. At Real Talk, our hope is to channel this energy and:

  • establish consistent opportunities for nuanced conversations

  • elevate and engage the voices of those seeking social justice

  • promote safe, productive activism for our rising generations

  • raise awareness and understanding of anti-racist, social justice work

  • model complex conversations with positive outcomes

Bringing Real Talk to Higher Education

Are you a professor or higher education administrator seeking to enhance your classroom discussions and engage your students in meaningful conversations about social justice and antiracism?

Real Talk offers a valuable resource that can be seamlessly integrated into your curriculum. By incorporating our episodes into your teaching, you can provide your students with diverse perspectives and insights on pressing issues in higher education and society at large.

Our podcast serves as a dynamic classroom tool, fostering critical thinking, promoting empathy, and encouraging active participation. The conversations between our host, Dr. KC Councilor, and our diverse range of guests model the complexities of real-life discussions on social justice topics. This can empower your students to navigate difficult conversations with thoughtfulness and respect.

Through our episodes, you can expose your students to a variety of perspectives, while grounding their learning in well-informed research.

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