KC and Jamil talk about the power of using friendship to fuel activism. They are joined by Tony Ferraiolo and Dru Levasseur, who share the story of their friendship, which allowed their co-founding of the Jim Collins Foundation and has supported them through struggles with burn out so many of us face. Tony and Dru’s dedication to uplifting the trans community will inspire anyone to create light even in the darkest places.

Dru is currently the director of DEI for the National LGBTQ+ Bar, and previously directed Lambda Legal’s Transgender Rights Project for ten years. He has served as counsel in landmark impact litigation cases and amicus briefs in federal courts, including the Supreme Court, and is a national and international spokesperson who has appeared in dozens of media outlets. Tony is the Director of Health Care Advocates International’s Youth and Family Program, a long-time life coach, trainer, speaker, and facilitator of youth and family support groups. Tony is the subject of the award-winning documentary “A Self-Made Man” and the author of the book series Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth.