Ben Palmieri


I’m so proud of you guys! (Even those I don’t know) I’ll miss seeing you around campus and I hope we get to see each other again. These past four years are ones I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to see what you do! Keep being Southern Strong!

Favorite Time at SCSU

My favorite part has definitely been my time with SCSU TV. It really boosts me up my freshman year and I made a ton of friends through the club. I’m one of the few people who gets to say they enjoyed their job. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I made some lifelong friendships there. I also liked seeing my different Communication professors.

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

There’s so much I’ll miss. I’m going to miss walking into the TV office everyday and seeing my friends. I’m going to miss all of the great conversations that we had. I’m also going to miss seeing my classmates sitting outside in the spring time. I’m really going to miss SCUFF. I’m looking forward to a bunch of things, mainly seeing where all of my classmates go in life.

Advice to Incoming Students

Get involved! Join SCSU TV, we’re always looking for members to join. It’s a great club and you’ll meet a lot of people through. Try to chunk out your assignments and plan ahead. Get an agenda, it’ll be your best friend. At times class will be overwhelming. Email your professor, they’re glad to help. Another piece of advice I just started recently is to write down something positive that happened to you each day. It’s a nice little reminder that not everything is bad. The most important one is to have fun!

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