Amanda Valentin

Social Work
Southern Connecticut State University Service Award, Southern Strong Award

You did it. We did it. One day, we'll look back and laugh at how absolutely crazy and ridiculous this was but we'll also be able to say, "hey, we still managed to graduate in the middle of a freakin' pandemic!". We are strong, we are resilient, we are awesome.

Favorite Time at SCSU

Being involved was the best part of being at Southern. Literally, I say it all the time. If I could take a semester to just do student involvement, I'd do it.

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

I'm going to miss my fellow Owls the most, and I am looking forward to deferring my loans. Just kidding, I'm also looking forward to taking the awesome experiences that I had here and using the skills that I got from them in a career!

Advice to Incoming Students

You're probably tired of hearing this, but GET INVOLVED! Join a club, go to events, go to your hall meetings, do a sport, because if I've learned anything from COVID-19 taking me away from campus, it's that the memories you make and the experiences that you have with your people are what matters. You'll get your degree, but the real growth happens when you get involved.

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