Nina Filippone

Magna Cum Laude

I want to thank my fellow graduates for playing a small part in my big picture. I never thought that college would transform me in the way that it did but I've found that I'm leaving Southern better than when I came in, leaps and bounds ahead of who I was and ready to face the world. Everyone, regardless of whether I knew them or not, played a role in my experience, and for all of them, I am grateful. I wish we could all be together to finish what we started four years ago but I know no matter where we are we are still a Southern Family.

Favorite Time at SCSU

My favorite part of my time at SCSU has been meeting some of my best friends who I know are in it with me for the long haul. I also loved the opportunities I got to be able to give back and aid in relief from Hurricane Harvey as well as being able to travel to Italy with the universities Choir and sing in some of the most beautiful locations!

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

Something that I will miss most about Southern is the very obvious family and community. Walking out of class, the library, or Stu and seeing everyone enjoying themselves on the Buley Patio was something I looked forward to when it was warm outside. There was always someone you knew hanging out and somehow always music playing and we would all gather and enjoy ourselves, separately but together. What I am looking forward to most is all of the opportunities that I will get to put the knowledge that I gained at Southern to use, and know that I can be confident in my education.

Advice to Incoming Students

My advice to incoming students is to let your time at Southern be a time where you find and become your true self. Southern is a very accepting and encouraging community of people who want to see you succeed. You have room to try new things and make mistakes but ultimately get to where you need to go. Let yourself go on this journey, there is no pressure there are no expectations, this time is your time, use it to become you.

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