Madeline Lynch

Exercise Science- Human Performance
Honors College

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Favorite Time at SCSU

My favorite part of my time at SCSU was all the late night adventures with my friends. Whether we were going for a drive, going to get food, or going out, there was nothing better than being with them.

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

I am going to miss having a big family. Residence life gave me coworkers and residents who I connected with and loved being around every day. I always knew that if I wanted to see a happy face, I could just walk down to the lobby. Hopefully I can find another family within my Sacred Heart Program!

Advice to Incoming Students

Do not wait. Do not wait to have fun, do not wait until the weekend, until the class is over, until the semester is over. If you wait, it will be over and you will be wishing you did more. Find a balance and find a way to have fun in the present. If you push it off until things get easier, you will never get to do everything you want. Life is happening now, so have fun now (and still take care of your grades).

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