Michael Nigro

Sociology Criminology/Criminal Justice
New Haven Promise Scholar

It has been a great honor to go endure this ride with you all. I am forever grateful for all of the everlasting friendships and unforgettable memories that I have made during my time here. The class of 2020 should be incredibly proud of all of our accomplishments and our unbelievable strength. I cannot wait to see the impact that we will have on this world! Let’s fly class of 2020! 🦉🎓

Favorite Time at SCSU

Having the opportunity to meet new and incredible people each and every day.

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

I am going to miss the feeling of walking around campus and seeing so many familiar faces the most. I will miss the amount of opportunity the university gave me, but definitely will be looking forward to the next chapter of my life.

Advice to Incoming Students

My advice to incoming students would be to live everyday as if it were your last. Study hard, but make sure to have fun while doing it. Your time is limited here so do all you can to make the absolute best out of it. Work never ends; college does. As the class of 2020 has learned painfully, never take what you have for granted and take in every moment as if it were your last.

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