Marissa Siemiatkoski

Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Psychology and Women Studies
Deans List Spring 2020

We did it! I'll miss all of the friends that I had met through events and classes, I have met some of the best people through Southern and I hope that the fun with continue forever!

Favorite Time at SCSU

Being able to work at the University Access Program. I am so grateful that the staff took me in even though I'm not an SEOP student and still made me feel included! I'm so thankful for all of their help and compassion I enjoyed sitting on the Buley patio with my friends when the weather was nice, and going out with my friends during the weekend! (R.I.P Brother Jimmys)

What are you going to miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most?

First of all I'm going to miss the rest of my senior year and all of the memories that could have been. I'm going to miss living in New Haven and being able to get food downtown in New Haven at 2 am. I'm going to miss the trips to Dunkin with my friends at the student center and all the events that Southern provided for us. I'm looking forward to visiting Southern as an Alumni and taking my education that Southern has provided for me to help others!

Advice to Incoming Students

To join clubs be outgoing and make as many friends as you possibly can To never be afraid to ask for help when you are struggling in a class. To never turn down an opportunity to go out and have fun with your friends!

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